Entrail Troyen 2014

Entrail Troyen 2014

Salami rind and sausage casings, toilet roll, cocktail sticks, glue

150 x 4 x 4 cm


Entrail Troyen is a kind of representation of the intestine, in the form of a tube of knitting, but at the same time it stands vertical, confronting us in the world as the material manifestation of intestines themselves (being made from sausage casings and salami skins) as a whole body.


Through the slow and careful act of French knitting, the form of the tubular tract is articulated, loop by loop, through each stitch. This looping and stitching connecting previous loops/stitches could be like a metaphor for the research process itself: making connections, making form, making sense, meaning and understanding out of the tangled length of thread, which has been joined together from disparate fragments, collected from a range of sources: a chorizos from meals, as well as collections from friends and colleagues. It began with the variety of cured saucisson sec saved from daily picnics from my holiday in France in August 2013, at that time, saved without knowing what I wanted them to become.


More of of this text, reflecting on the developement of the piece can be found in a blog post. Link below:


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