Fashioning Landscape: The Pleat 2007

Fashioning Landscape: The Pleat 2007


Performed at Through the Looking Glass, Building 1000, London, June 2007

Paper, ribbon, glue, tape, access tower.

Live performance: 2 ½ hours.

Photography: Ioannis Belimpasakis.


When she is pleating she is drawing. She is creation; She is expanding and contracting space and time; inside and outside; public and private.


She creates caves, caverns, crannies - secrets in the folds of her mountain.


As she works, she speaks - cracks, wines, groans emerge. Sometimes she thinks she can fathom voices.... secrets of the mountain and she folds them deep inside the crevices.


But she wants to be heard, she wants someone to listen and to help her escape from her perpetual loneliness.

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