UCA Learning and Teaching Research Fund 2011-12

UCA Learning and Teaching Research Fund 2011-12


At the interface: Fine Art and social science research methodologies - Watching a journey with a slippery collision.


Project Proposal


At the interface: Fine art and social science research methodologies: watching a journey with a slippery collision, is a yearlong study to explore the landscape of research methodologies within fine art and the qualitative edge of social science. Through the documentation of my personal journey to navigate the terrain, I will attempt to find my way back to my own art practice after a Post Graduate Teaching Course.


Using reflection, which is deeply imbedded in pedagogical theory, I will use writing to take back control of my art practice. I will utilise an inductive process, to review, develop, and put into practice, the theoretical and practical methodologies I discover in my reading.


The project offers the opportunity of an exploration of the philosophical similarities and differences of fine art and the social sciences, and through various modes of dissemination will create dialogue, cross-pollination and accessibility to both disciplines.



Papers which have developed and/or spawned from this project include:


Paper presented at the workshop, 'Does my data look good in this? Exploring research data management in the creative arts’ |18 January 2017 organised by the Centre for Digital Scholarship, Library & Student Services, University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and funded by Jisc. at etc.venues, The Hatton, 51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN.


A Woman Holding a Liver: At the Crossroads | 19 May 2015

Presentation at 'Visual Artists Today: A Symposium  on the Artist Identity', Birkbeck, University of London


Searching and Re-searching for Practice: An Appetite | 4 February 2015

Reseach Seminar orgainised for PLACE: Pedagogy, Language, Arts & Culture in Education Group, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge


Searching And Re-Searching For A Practice: An Appetite 24 October 2014

Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures (BIBAC 2014) Conference, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, convened by the Commonwealth Creativities Intercultural Arts Network.


Searching And Re-Searching For A Practice: An Appetite 14 May 2014

The Artist As Researcher: Postgraduate Learning And Teaching In The Performing/Visual Arts, HEA academy workshop, the Manchester Museum, University of Manchester.


Reflection on Digestion: Research, Guts and Appetite | 22 July 2014

Visual Arts Data Skills for Researchers’ UCA Epsom


Artistic Identity: Framing Research within Practice 14 Sep 2012

Managing the Material: Tackling Visual Arts as Research Data conference, The Visual Arts Data Service (VADS) at HEFCE, London


Searching and Re-Searching for a Practice: An Exploration at the Edge of Things 14 June 2012. Teaching & Learning Research Seminar, University for the Creative Arts, Epsom


Work in Progress Research Seminar 21 March 2012

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham


My research data from this project was also shown at the Kapture Conference on Research Data, at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Wren Room, Portland Place London, London, on 6 March 2013,


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