Reflection on Digestion: An A/r/tographic Luncheon 2014

Reflection on Digestion: An A/r/tographic Luncheon.  

Sunday 26 October 2014.

30 minutes


Part of ‘Building Interdisciplinary Bridges across Cultures’ (BIBAC), Faculty of Education, Cambridge University, 24-26 October 2014.

Photography: Peter Miles.

Materials: Conference sandwiches and script


In Reflection on Digestion:An A/r/tographic Luncheon, created especially for the BIBAC event, conference participants were asked to explore a typical conference sandwich through a guided mindfulness eating exercise.


Participants were asked to experience their chosen sandwich for the first time through all their senses and to imagine the landscape where the ingredients may have been grown and/or reared in relation to the layers of sandwich filling.


They were also asked to imagine the journey that these ingredients may have taken to reach their plates and contemplate this whilst the sandwich, bite by bite, travels through their digestive system, eventually being absorbed or expelled from their bodies. Exterior becoming interior. Other becoming self.


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