The Taste of Tongues in Sensory Gallery

By amandacouch, Aug 6 2020 10:33AM

Laura Enriquez has written a beautiful entry to accompany my image, The Taste of Tongues, made for and first published in 'TASTE' edited by Andrea Pavoni, Danilo Mandic, Caterina Nirta and Andreas Philippopoulos Mihalopoulos, part of the Law and the Senses series, published by Westminster University Press in 2018.

Laura, part of Concordia University's Sensory Studies department, has contributed to their Sensory Picture Gallery which is a space representing and commenting on the iconography of the senses. Laura's entry can be found at this link, where you can also navigate to the myriad of other images and accompanying texts in the gallery.

The TASTE book can be purchased as a paperback or downloaded as a free pdf at'

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