Press and Publications

Forthcoming Paper: ‘A Woman Holding a Liver’, in: The Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery Conference Proceedings, edited Mark McWilliams, published by Prospect Books, London (July 2017)


Artist Book: Couch, Amanda, Hladky, Andrew, Lee, Mindy, and Nash, Richard (2015) On Innards | Publication Farnham: bookRoom Press. Limited edition of 200. ISBN: 978-0-9576828-5-6


Denis-Morel, Barbara. (2015) ‘Le Codex Revisité: histoire du livre at art contemporain’. In: Denis-Morel, Barbara (ed.) Les artistes face aux livres, Scriptorial d’Avranches. Paris: Tombolo Presses. pp.16,17 &19.


Couch, Amanda, Hladky, Andrew, & Lee, Mindy. (2014) 'On Innards’ in: Folio, Jessica. & Luhring, Holly (eds.) Body Horror and Shapeshifting: A Multidisciplinary Exploration. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press. pp. 51-88. ISBN: 9781848883062.


Couch, Amanda (2013)  ‘Reflection on Digestion’ In: The Book is Alive! Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle and Sawdon Smith, Richard. (eds.) Ripley: RGAP. pp. 164-67. ISBN 978–0–9569024–5–0


He Do The Police in Different Voices essay by James Cahill.

Limited edition publication on the occasion of 'He Do the Police in Different Voices' exhibition curated by Chris Shaw at Blythe Gallery, London,

16 June - 16 July  2010


Commentary by Hugo Williams

The Times Literary Supplement, 16 April 2010, p16.


Gratza, Agnieszka. (2010) Spiritual Nourishment: Food and Ritual in Performance Art. PAJ: A Journal of Performance Art 94 (Volume 32, Number 1), January 2010,

pp. 67-75.


Dust Passing by Louisa Elderton

Disappear Here Magazine, 6 April 2009


Concrete and Glass: art preview by Helen Sumpter

Time Out, 29 September 2008