Reflection on Digestion: The Stomach 2013

Reflection on Digestion: The Stomach 2013

Friday 4 October 2013

30 minutes.


Part of ACAVA Grange Walk, Open Studios 2013.

Photography: Jolyon Gardner


Reflection on Digestion: The Stomach is a participatory performance that reflects on the process and image of the stomach and digestion through food and language.


Whilst consuming a gastronomic dish of tripe, participants will listen to a reading, a presentation of collaged texts from the fields of art, film, philosophy, history, and contemporary biomedical science. The voices of David Hillman, Nietzsche, Galen, Peter Greenaway, and neuro-gastroenterologist, Michael Gershon, amongst others will guide participants to explore how we cognitively and bodily digest food, knowledge, and experience, and fashion our sense of self.

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