Reflection on Digestion: The Stomach 2014

Reflection on Digestion: The Stomach 2014

Thursday 24 April 2013.

50 minutes.


Part of 'Performing Science: Dialogues Across Cultures' Conference, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, 23– 25 April 2014.

Photography: Katharine Fry


Reflection on Digestion: The Stomach is a participatory performance that reflects on the process and image of the stomach and digestion through science, food, and language.


Whilst consuming a gastronomic dish of tripe, participants will listen to a reading, a presentation of collaged texts from the fields of art, film, philosophy, history, and contemporary biomedical science. The voices of David Hillman, Nietzsche, Galen, Peter Greenaway, and neuro-gastroenterologist, Michael Gershon, amongst others will guide participants to explore how we cognitively and bodily digest food, knowledge, and experience, and fashion our sense of self.


Participants will be asked to practice a kind of mindfulness eating, in that they will concentrate their focus on the experience of eating and listening to the accompanying text, whilst reflecting on what is happening in their own bodies and selves.


Reflection on Digestion embodies an experiential approach to the transmission of information by placing the participant, their senses, and interior body at the centre of the creation of meaning and understanding. By reflecting on the direct experience of eating alongside historical and contemporary narratives of digestion, participants and speaker, literally and metaphorically ruminate on the processes of ingestion, digestion, subjectivity, and on embodied ways of knowing.


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