A Woman Holding a Liver 2017

A Woman Holding a Liver 2017



Wimbledon Space’s ACTS RE-ACTS 4: Performance Laboratory, 3 - 4 March, in the Studio Theatre, Wimbledon College of Art, 4 March 2017


1 hour.

Photography by Catinca Malaimare and Rosie Potter.



A Woman Holding a Liver is a contemporary manifestation of the ancient ritual of haruspicy or liver divination. The piece for ‘Acts Re-Acts 4’ was in two parts: the first, an introduction to the history of liver divination, and the contextualisation of divination in relation to chance strategies in art, and then a divination of a lamb’s liver.


There is a blog post, as an introduction to the piece for the Wimbledon space blog:



ACTS RE-ACTS 4 is the fourth year of the project: A laboratory of performance, new media, workshops, lectures, discussions, events, interventions, seminars and installations, based at Wimbledon Space at Wimbledon College of Art, UAL.


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